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TENNIS FOOTWORK TIPS | Tennis Footwork For Fast, Wide Balls After The Serve  

Check out TOTAL TENNIS TRAINING at : http://jeffsalzensteintennis.com/T3InnerCircle/fix-your-tennis Tennis footwork tips are many on the internet. How many of those tennis footwork tips actually help your tennis game?? I am here to show you the exact tennis footwork tips I learned on the professional tour that top pros are using. You can take my tennis footwork tips out on the court and use them immediately. Today I want to talk about what to do when your opponent hits a fast ball back to you. Most people are taught, with traditional tennis footwork tips, to step into every ball. I am here to tell you that is not going to work. A lot of the pros are using a tennis footwork tip I call open stance diagonal. With this tennis footwork tip, your first move is to use a drop step. Drop step back with your back foot in a diagonal direction towards the corner of the fence. After you do that you are going to hit and shuffle at the same time. You will actually be moving backwards as you hit the ball. I know most coaches will say to never move backwards during a shot. Watch the pros and tell me what they do when they are on the defense. Next time you are out on the court, try this tennis footwork tip and use the open stance diagonal footwork. Check out TOTAL TENNIS TRAINING at : http://jeffsalzensteintennis.com/T3InnerCircle/fix-your-tennis


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