How to play table tennis aka. ping-pong.


Wobbly Table Tennis Shot  

http://www.PingSkills.com - Ask the Coach Here's a question Ivelin asked us on our website. Hi guys! You're so cool. I enjoy your videos every day. But today i want to ask you something. When i'm lobbing and i'm away from the table it's hard for me to deal with a short ball. Most of the times i'm dealing with getting to the ball as fast as i can but i don't know what kind of contact i have to do when i reach it. If i only little push the ball forward, the opponent will "kill" me with his shot cuz i'm near the table. I saw Jun Mizutani and Xu Xin doing some kind of tricky shot, to create a lot of side spin, to confuse the opponent and to buy themselves some time to get away from the table. it would be very nice if you guys can help me with that and also i think that isn't only my problem. :) Thanks for watching! We love making table tennis videos and hope they'll help you understand the game of table tennis. Make sure you subscribe to keep up with our latest videos. You can also follow us through: Twitter - http://twitter.com/PingSkills Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/PingSkills Below are some other videos we've made. Feel free to check 'em out! Will See Won't See Olympic Table Tennis, Table Tennis Forehand Counterhit Lesson, How To Execute the Ma Lin Serve, Learn the Backspin Reverse Pendulum Serve, Playing a Faster Forehand Topspin. Good luck with your table tennis. Cheers, Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario


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