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Theres a Rhino in My House - Part 2 of 4  

There is a Rhino in my House is a documentary exploring the heartwarming story of John and Judy Travers, a Zimbabwean couple, at the Imire Safari Ranch, who have devoted their lives to saving from extinction one of the rarest mammals on Earth. Imire Safari Ranch is one of the first farms to offer homes to young orphan elephants and has instigated research to improve handling and teaching elephants in order for them to be ridden and to work on farms. Today, you can meet Nzou, a 35-year-old orphaned female elephant that has, over the years, become the matriarch of a herd of buffalo. Makavusi, Toto and Mundevu are elephants that allow you to ride on them, swim with them and share their daily chores...a magical experience. Imire Safari Ranch, located just east of Harare in Zimbabwe is easily accessible for day trips, weekenders and longer stays. It is ideal for the family, business-person, traveller or for the student. With a wide range of packages and services, Imire Safari Ranch is perfect for all your needs. Come and embrace in this wonderful african experience and join in on one of our volunteering programs, or simply relax and enjoy a holiday with your family like never before. We are counting on you! For more information please visit http://www.imiresafariranch.com


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