A cloud on the dark and mysterious Panther subspecies


Black Panther - Ghost of the Hills  

This might be the first ever video footage of the Black panthers also known as Black leopards shot in their natural Habitat in India. Black Panthers seen in the video have been observed over a period 6 months and video has been shot through out a month. This video has been shot by my good friend Sivlingam who is very passionate of wildlife and also a great birder too, he took risks of being attacked by a sloth bear and also encountered one of the Black Panthers at touching distance, he used a simple Sony camcorder and shot it from a great distance using the cameras both optical and Digital zoom so that the animal could behave naturally . Hence the quality of the video is not great. Black leopards are reported from most densely forested areas in southwestern China, Myanmar, Assam and Nepal, from Travancore and other parts of southern India. Melanistic leopards(The term Melanistic is derived from the word melanin, a dark coloured skin and hair pigment.) are more commonly found in dense tropical rain forest of S.E Asia - here it is thought that the dark coloration acts as better camouflage in the low sun light conditions of the forest floor, giving the cat an advantage in hunting.


Black Panther - Ghost of the Hills
Black Panthers
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