Lunar New Year refers to the beginning of the year in several calendars. It is based on a lunar calendar or a lunisolar calendar.


Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association celebrates Lunar New Year around the world  

Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association celebrates Lunar New Year around the world. From Hsihu, Formosa (Taiwan), to Seoul, South Korea, to New Jersey, USA, Centers of our Association across the globe marked the festive Lunar New Year together, in shared hopes of heralding the spring and good fortune for the planet. The Lunar New Year, an important traditional holiday in many Asian communities, brings memories of many past celebrations in the presence of Supreme Master Ching Hai, who on this occasion would often encourage our Association members to renew their determination to progress spiritually through daily endeavors. This year, with Supreme Master Ching Hai's permission, our international Association members gathered at the Hsihu Center, to pray for world harmony, as well as to enjoy a colorful array of uplifting performances, a fun vegan barbeque, and even a Loving Hut cooking class. Every member also received a traditional lucky red envelope, as per Supreme Master Ching Hai's loving instruction. (In Chinese) (F): Bonus points are skyrocketing! (F): Hey, how much? (F): Increased to hundreds of thousands of points! (F): Speaking of grace, it's much more than that; 40% more blessing by keeping a vegan diet, and there's a negotiation for 10 billion souls to be liberated! (F): Spiritual Blessing Lines, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D... Hey, wait, wait a second... (In Aulacese/Vietnamese) When spring arrives, our hearts are filled with happiness. Joyous sounds of firecrackers echo, how exhilarating! (In Chinese) Traveling by way of the clouds to distant realms You spread your love throughout the cosmos... (In Aulacese/Vietnamese) Let's greet the Lord of Spring, descending to Earth The world listens to the spring's ardent affection Flowers forever retain their fragrance. (In Chinese) Let's renovate the grey city To be our protective safety net Do you believe in tomorrow's prophecy? Vibrant youths, drumming away! (In Aulacese/Vietnamese) O Spring, you've arrived! There's no greater joy than a Spring day coming. O Spring, you've arrived! Fireworks on New Year's Eve are welcoming the Spring season. More warmhearted parties were also held in our Association's centers throughout the world, while others organized charity events such as New Year festivities for orphans and prison inmates, inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai's example of touching and uplifting spirits. (In English) Our Association members from New Jersey, USA (Vegan): Happy New Year from New Jersey Center! VOICE: Supreme Master Television in Los Angeles, USA was also happy to join in welcoming the Lunar New Year, beginning with Supreme Master Ching Hai's words of wisdom and love, along with traditional firecrackers and some fun entertainment. (In English) (F): Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly... (In Chinese) (M): Friends, together for life Those days will never come back again. (In Korean) (F): Don't be surprised when you find yourself flying high in the sky in freedom. (In Aulacese)] That spring we dreamt of is coming for the first time With drifting smoke on the river, a rooster's noon crow by the river A joyous sunny afternoon for many hearts. (In Korean) (M): Another day is fading far away. (In English) Go! Go! Go! Go to the Future Go! Go! Go! Above the stars (In English) (F): We all need somebody to lean on. Lean on me! (In Aulacese) (F): Feeling compassion for the beings in this desperate plight! Wishing all people around the world a secure and peaceful 2011, we especially thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for imbuing such great joy as well as real hope in human hearts for our planet's future. May this New Year be the one in which, with Heaven's benevolent grace, our world is revived and humanity elevated to bring peace to all co-inhabitants.


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