Another cloud on a species of big cats in the wild.


Lion Cupcakes  

(No Credit taken for photo or idea) (Photo found at: http://media-cache-ec2.pinterest.com/originals/1f/98/69/1f9869c31e35269e984bd34c11449544.jpg)

What you'll need to create the lion face on the cupcakes:

Orange (or Yellow) Icing
Brown icing

Bake your cupcakes and allow them to properly cool so the icing and candy will not melt.
Icing your cupcakes with the Orange/Yellow icing. Cut the Twizzlers into small strips so you can gently push them into the cupcake to create the Lion's mane. Place one M&M in the center for the nose and then draw the mouth and whiskers with the brown icing (if you want a fine pipping job you can easily cut the corner of a ziplock bag and squeeze the brown icing through that - be careful not to make the hole to large). Then place two more M&M's for the eyes. Lastly you take 2 Cheerios (or M&M's if you dont have cheerios) and place them at the very top along the mane to act as the lion's ears.


Lion Cupcakes
Lion Cake with Cupcakes
Lion cookie using a flower cookie cutter
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