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Lion Cake with Cupcakes  

(No Credit Taken for this Photo or Idea)(Found Photo at: http://media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com/originals/d5/03/8c/d5038c9970238cd0420cfec45ed28d97.jpg)

To start out begin your basic cake making process. Back the cake and prepare at least 13 or 14 cupcakes. The flavor of the cake and cupcakes doesn't change the design so please make them whatever flavor is desired. Once its baked spread YELLOW icing (or Orange, tan, light brown) all over the cake as you would normally for cake making. Once done begin on your cupcakes with either a brown or darker shade than the icing on the cake. You can do a yellow cake and orange cupcakes if desired. Make sure the icing has a swirling effect or hair design - this is best achieved when using a piping device or you can simply place the icing into a ziplock bag and cut the corner of the bag and squeeze it through that whole onto the cupcake.

Once the cupcakes and cake have had icing placed on them you can begin the face of the Lion on the cake.

You can use a range of food products to get the lion face. The picture shows:

Two yellow oreos and black icing to make the mouth
Pretzels for whiskers
Icing for the eyes

Other options are:
Twizzlers or Pocky for whiskers
Any type of cookie
Fondant, Cookies, or chocolate chips for the eyes.


Lion Cupcakes
Lion Cake with Cupcakes
Lion cookie using a flower cookie cutter
Lion Cookies
Lion Pretzel Snack
Lion Sandwich Snack
Lion Sandwich