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Lion Pretzel Snack  

Snack Idea from: http://www.soundsfunmom.com/2011/03/01/lion-snacks-for-a-munchable-march/

This snack idea is fun for kids to do.

Take a piece of bread (you can leave it square or make it into a circle) and spread some of your child's favorite peanut butter over the bread. Then take the stick pretzels and let your kid form the mane of the 'lion'. Then allow them to add their favorite snack for eyes and nose. You can use a number of things - Raisin (as shown in the picture), chocolate chips (To add something sweet), Grapes, Jelly Beans, Olives, pieces of a banana, etc. Whatever fits the occassion or is preferred.


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Lion Pretzel Snack
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