How to drive for beginners and teens starting to drive.


How To Check Car Basics Inside The Car  

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How To Check Car Basics Inside The Car
Check car basics - outside the car - learn to drive with BSM
Car Basics
Rules of the Road #2 - Vehicle Safety Captioned
Rules of the Road #17 - Headlights Captioned
Safe Driving Tip #3: Seating Position
Safe Driving Tip #5: Tire Pressure!
Safe Driving Tip #9: Vehicle Dynamics!
Safe Driving Tip #14: Space & Speed Management
Safe Driving Tip #15: Things to Check
Driving Lessons : Learning to Drive a Car
Learning to Drive: basic car maintenance
How to change a flat
What to do if your engine overheats
How to jump start your car without blowing up your battery
Driver Education: Blind Spots