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How to Draw the Female Face  

http://sketch2draw.com/ This is a basic tutorial on drawing. In this tutorial I cover how to draw the female face using shapes, lines, and hatching techniques. It is designed for the beginning artist, and is also a basic fundamental that I cover in my drawing lessons on Sketch2Draw.com. http://sketch2draw.com/ It is part of an ongoing series of drawing lessons to empower younger artists to understand and learn the basics that all artists should know. Drawing Book - Drawing Basics & Fundamentals http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/drawing-basics-fundamentals/18457380 *********************************** Software used: Corel Painted with only 3 brushes, all with default settings at a low opacity. They are: Conte brush, Eraser, and Grainy Water Blender. Tablet used: Wacom Intuos 3. Song: "The Female Face" by Juan Solorzano with Acid Music Studio 8. Sketch2Draw (My Drawing Website): http://www.sketch2draw.com/ JSolorzanoArts: http://www.jsolorzanoarts.com/


How to draw female face
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How to Draw the Female Face
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