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Bottle-Feeding Miles the Baby Giraffe  

http://www.houstonzoo.org Miles is being bottle fed by Houston Zoo keepers. He is drinking goats milk. His mother Noel is an attentive mother but doesnt make enough milk to nurse. So, the keeper staff are bottle feeding the calf. A watch and feeding schedule is in place to ensure he gets the best care and attention. Miles is on view during scheduled times in the barn at the Houston Zoo giraffe exhibit. When the calf is in the barn, Zoo guests can view him through the window at the rear of the giraffe exhibit. Over the next few days we will extend the time he has access to the viewing stall, as well as start giving him access to the outside. His welfare is our most important consideration; if being on view doesn't negatively impact him, we'll gradually increase that time. We have also added a second white board outside of the viewing window, with daily updates and interesting facts, in addition to the first one with the basic birth info.


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Bottle-Feeding Miles the Baby Giraffe
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