A look at the history of the Chicago Cubs, from the early championships to the team as we know today. Complete with historic videos and photos, links, and more.


8.) Sammy Sosa’s 62nd Home Run  

What are your feelings about Sammy? Whatever they are, you cannot take away from the 1998 baseball season and the feelings that stirred in Cubs fans as Sosa pursued Mark McGwire in the home run chase to break the Roger Maris record. Mark McGwire achieved it first and that in itself was one of the most awesome moments in baseball history. Seeing Sosa hug McGwire that evening in St. Louis was special. When Sammy passed Maris, he hit both #61 and #62 in the same game. This was definitely a top ten Chicago Cubs “better than a lifetime of free pizza” moment. Obtained from PizzaSpotz.com